Dicky Moe (viciously_syd) wrote in sexyvamps,
Dicky Moe

Anyone else heard anything about Bloodrayne? Click me for link

I come with gifts. Just a bunch of pictures and 3 icon bases of Aleera from Van Helsing.

I don't need credit or any of that, they are just bases.

He is talking to a marble poll thingy.

If no one has seen A Vampire's Kiss. Go and see it. Its funny as hell!
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Haven't seen all of Van Helsing yet but it looks pretty interesting. I just got done watching John Carpenter's Vampires. I am slowly making my way through the vampire movies.
Ahh its cute, lol. :)
Is that the one with Bon Jovi? I don't remember, lmao.
Yeah same here, hehe.
No, it's the one with James Woods and Daniel Baldwin.

Not too interesting, lots of lengthy vampire killing scenes and Catholic mythology. But James Woods is just such a badass.
Ahh I haven't seen that one yet.

Or have I? That sounds familar. After seeing so many you get them mixed up, lmao.
There was a sequel with Bon Jovi. It wasn't as good, but it was passable.
mm ok, haha yeah I didn't much like the one with Bon Jovi..
ive been dying to play bloodrayne since it came out!!!!
ya know she was in playboy and had a comic book too :)
yeah same here!
really? that I didn't know. I knew of the comic book, but not playboy, haha. thats cool
yeah it was on mtv one, pretty hot ;)
haha, thats awesome!
oh yeah ^_~
lmao ;)
heh heh <3