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Vampire Fixation

hello all! i have been given the role as mod here! lets see what we can do about livening up this place of the living dead. what is everyone's fave vampire tale and how were you first attracted to them? i first came into real obsession with them after buffy (more specifically angel) and then branched off and adored Blade and BloodRayne and Hellsing and such. lemme know, lets get some posts and conversation!

what do you guys think of the new layout? a GINORMOUS thankyou to AfricanAshes!! love you babe!

oh and does anyone have any suggestions about the community or changes they'd like?

name's Jaclyn btw ;)
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Well, I think mine started with Vampire Hunter D, but has since progressed to the Anita Blake chronicles (Laura Hamiliton's the author, btw), just due to how the living dead are portrayed.

Bloodrayne was an awesome game- but then again, I'm the target audience- college-aged male. Go figure. ;)

Go ahead and call me DG. That'll do for now.
thanks for joining DG!
ive been meaning to see vampire hunter D...
Vampire Hunter D-great piece of work! One of my favourites.

Keep seeing the L. Hamilton books about but have yet to read one.
I was told Poppy.Z.Brite did a great vamp book-ever read it?